Monday, June 27, 2011

Ain't it funny.

Firstly I think it's funny that I am doing this post when I really should be going to bed because I threw a small fit that I had to walk the dogs late on the night I had to wake up early the next day.
Secondly I think it is funny how I have so much ample time and I haven't posted up pictures. I have about a week of outfits that haven't yet been posted.
Thirdly I think it funny how I am wearing a leather skirt when I am vegetarian for animals. I just like the way a leather skirt works... my grandma sent it in the mail along with some miscellaneous treasures, I liked it, I wear it. It's also funny because that is the least breathable skirt and I was truly too warm on this hot day.
Lastly I think it would be funny if all ya'll would comment and tell me how funny your day is made out to be :D

Until the 'morrow, friends!

Blouse: garage sale! Blk/Wht tube top: Old Navy. Skirt: 2nd hand. belt: thrifted. shoes: thrifted.

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