Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So, I was told to start talking about things that are done wrong. I don't really like critiqueing because I believe that trends are what you make them to be. You can start a trend by wearing something well. I feel like the phrase so last year is illegal. I believe this because fashion is what the wearer makes it to be. Nothing can be out of season because if it is worn well or reworked to be something inventive or something, then is it suddenly IN? Unless the phrase last season actually is trying to say copying. It would be less stylish if something was just copied from another style. I hope this makes sense. It sort of makes sense in my head.

In my attempt to critique, I will say how I could have improved this here outfit. I think I look stumpy. The short shorts plus tennis shoes make my legs short and the loose fitting shirt makes me look larger than in real life. I think I should have unbuttoned and un-tucked my grey shirt and had something that blended my shoes to my legs to my shorts, like maybe some textured white tights. But, I know it was too hot for tights.

collared shirt: 2nd hand. collared sleeveless striped: 2nd hand. Belt: 2nd hand. Shorts: thrifted. Shoes: thrifted.

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