Monday, December 19, 2011

Turkish delight, Green Giant?

The day I wore this outfit was Halloween. I needed to get the money from the date auction from 'Peter Pan.' (he was Peter Pan for Halloween and wore the outfit all day) We went to the bank for him to get money. Me in this and him in a green tunic and green tights. The lady at the bank gave us DumDums because bank people give their clients candy. I got one... I think it was strawberry. 'Peter' got one and then saw another he wanted and of course needed the mystery one. The lady started giving a funny look and I think we left with quite a few more lollipops than anticipated. So, this is the guy who bought a date with me.
I really need to re-situate that cardigan. It would do me the greatest favor if you just pretended that the white covered up my shirt.

Drape Yoga cardigan: gifted (online). Nude lace blouse: 2ndhand. Woven Belt: Bass. Jeans: Ross. Dolce Vita Boots: Target.

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