Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In a Pickle Pin

This outfit was inspired by the great makers of Heinz (?) Pickles. Perhaps in the early years of pickle (?) making, the company began advertising with the output of fine, plastic, made-in-china pins. They were of the lowest quality for financial reasons and eventually the Heinz company realized to not specify in pickles but later to advertise on their finest quality ketchup.

(I made this story up. The only true part is that the pickle pins do say 'Heinz' on them. The reason which I have no idea, because I always connected Heinz with ketchup...)

Scarf: garage sale. Pickle Pins: garage sale. Jean Shirt: Wet Seal. Shirt Dress: Rave. Skirt: 2ndhand. Tights: Target. Clogs: thrifted.

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