Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bleeding oxen?

I've seen a lot of this red color in a lot of photos. I've heard it called oxblood, or wine red, but I think of it as a rock and roll color. It could perhaps be called rock 'n rouge if I was naming a nail polish color of it. I think it's a great color especially for this fall. I think it's sort of sensual, sophisticated, and mysterious. Plus it can break up my attraction to the black and white clothes I wear.

I found this shawl on the sidebar that I think is super pretty. It's massive expensive but it's okay to be a dreamer.

It can be worn monochrome like Alexa Chung in the above picture as long as the color is broken up a bit by changing the textures or adding small splashes of some neutral. This velvet red color can be dressed down with some jean like in the picture below on the left by Lulu. Or throw you in the 70's with the swing jacket on the right.
 I have been trying to determine how to use dark lipstick but avoid going all the way black. Oxblood, plum, and velvet colors can help take the plunge. Because dark lipcolor is so dramatic, it needs to feel subtle by blending it with dark clothes and dark hair. I like the following picture with the tough black and snakeskin mixed with the soft lace, but it doesn't work very well for everyday.
It could be evened out with black lined eyes, dark hair, and dark clothes like in the next picture.

So here it is, the new fad color that is seen all over. Personally? I love it. It mixes a sensual gaze with an androgynous edge. Mostly it is just a shade of red which supposedly looks good on everyone but because I love black, I love dark red.

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