Saturday, October 27, 2012

Designs for Princesses

So, as I was link jumping the other day, and I found this blog post with pictures of disney princess inspired dresses by big ol' designers. Like any other young girl growing up in american, I was babysat by disney princess movies and am attracted to anything princess related. More than anything, it's probably the idea of falling madly in love and getting to wear pretty dresses. So, to feed that never ending hunger I give you four of my favorite pictures from the post. (click that link above to see all of them)
This dress is for Ariel by Marchesa. This was so cleverly done in watercolor and in deep blue. Mostly I like how dramatic the silhouette is. We all know how unreal those princess` body proportions are.

I had to put Cinderella on here because she's my favorite princess. This dress is by Versace and is super gorgy with it's banded corset. Cinderella is allowed to be so well frosted with diamonds because she's been cleaning for so many years and clean things sparkle. (In case you haven't seen Cinderella I must clear up that she isn't actually cleaning herself like I just seemed to hint.)

This is an outfit for Jasmine by Escada. I love myself a silk billowy pants! Plus, gold isn't that tough to keep around your neck.

The last is a Rapunzel inspired dress by Jenny Packham. I love the glitzy back of the dress which is strung in the jewels. I don't know why Rapunzel is wearing something so dark... maybe because she was locked in a dark tower for so long. Of all of the dresses, this is my favorite... so long and elegant.

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