Saturday, January 16, 2010

Brown Maryjane shoe story

Men's plaid shirt: Father's. Red knit vest: Thrifted. Striped shirt (diy dress): Thrifted then fixed up by me. Woven belt: Bass outlet. Navy cotton tights: Christmas present from grandma. Brown maryjane's heel: Thrifted.

Today I wore this outfit out to my mom's IJA (Idaho's Japanese Assocation) party at this church.

The church was in the middle of nowhere and looked real out of place. They, though, had the cutest seat. I took these pictures while waiting for someone to show up and tell us to help. There was also a faded sea foam green seat in the children's play room and a white couch.


Maryjane shoe story: Yesterday, I was going to wear these shoes to BSU because the senior class had a field trip there to do research on nothing less than our senior project. I had purple socks on which would show through the openings of the shoe. I walk to the bus stop in tennis shoes because I generally run and don't want to run in heels. When I got onto the bus I generally change my shoes but today I opened up my bag and found only one shoe. I was very positive that I packed both, but the other was not there. I immediately called my sister at home and asked if she can find them. She said that they weren't in my room and I knew then that they had fallen out of my bag.
My bag isn't the best bag to hold things in because it's a drawstring with no clasp of any sort to keep it closed. I like the gray color and thin pinstripes on it and how it fits a lot of stuff, but it's not very functional.
I hoped to find my other shoe on the way back from cross country practice that day, which was ultimate frisbee. Although my team lost, I was very glad of how many people showed up to play. Usually we have around 5 people show up, but today there were 12 of us to play. Some of the lacrosse team played for the first 10 minutes, too. Also two graduates came and we talked for a while afterwords.
It was so much fun, but then began my walk home; hoping to find my missing shoe. I kinda felt like Cinderella except for no boy picked up my shoe. I was walking across the field looking at every dried leaf on the ground closely. I kept thinking it was my shoe but then it happened to be a leaf. One particular leaf as I got closer and closer I realized may not be a leaf. Out loud I was saying "it's just a leaf, it's just a leaf." Even closer, I said louder "it's just a leaf, only a leaf." I began running until I reached it and picked it up, raised it in the air, and screamed "WOOOOOO!! MY SHOE!!!" and then practically skipped the rest of my way home.


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