Thursday, January 28, 2010


As most people know, denim started with Levi Strauss during the Gold Rush. He made tents out of similar fabric as our blue jeans. The miners needed pants though so Strauss made the fabric into pants. After many alterations, we now have denim as a trend over 100 years later.

Acid Wash jeans $29.99 Macy's
BDG Pleated Jean, $24.99 Urban Outfitters

BDG Yellow Tint Cigarette Jean, $58.00 Urban Outfitters
My friend got pants similar to these and they look incredible on her. She said she got them from UO, but only paid $10! I advise everyone to check up on those. The ones he has go up to her waist and have an elastic in the back. The fabric is also super stretchy for a perfect fit.

Not only are there new styles denim pants as a new trend, but also denim coats and even shoes.Black Denim Jacket, $32.50
I especially love this black denim jacket from

Hightop Denim Oxfords, Saks fifth avenue
Although I would never ever have the cash to buy these, I think they are incredibly fantastic and completely unique.

Now, the people who work these styles best...


and Liisa from fruit machine

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