Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve: Shoe story

On New Years Eve my grandparents drove over from Sandpoint for a visit. I told Lilac to dress up with me for New Years and she did but she didn't take pictures. My dress is redone by me after I got it from gramma Nancy, whose not my grandma. Gramma Nancy got it when she had a garage sale with friends, one lady had to buy the dress for a sorority and it fortunately didn't get sold and the garage sale. Then gramma Nancy gave it to my sisters and I!

Dress [gramma Nancy] vintage, Black Cardigan [Ross], purple belt [bedding *in belt story post*], Mudd studded belt [Ross], Black fishnets [mother] vintage, black lace up heels [WetSeal]

Story: My mom doesn't know I own these shoes. I was showing them to her and adoring how fantastic the would look with all my clothes and how inexpensive they were, but she wouldn't let me get them. I don't have a lot of money at all because of my joblessness but I had the few bucks in my wallet for these shoes so as my mom was trying on t-shirts I had Lilac buy them. We then dashed out of the store and felt uber rebellious, though many of you would highly doubt purchasing anything for under $10 without permission is rebellious. It was certainly fun though!

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