Tuesday, October 12, 2010

color me.

Wore my brilliantly colorful shirt, today. One thing bad about this shirt besides the fit is that you can't see the bow in the front. It just camouflages right into the shirt, which is a downer because it's such a beautiful bow; perfect loops and same length hangy-downys. Ah, well, there's an imperfection in everything.

Hope everyone had a lovely 'Moment of Frustration' Day. I know my friend in Calc did with problem number 15!

This is Xoupe (Zoo-pay) my monster necklace. I made Xoupe out of clay.

Top: Church giveaway. Pants: Ross. Belt: Dollarstore. Watch: Avon. Necklace: DIY. Socks: Marshalls. Shoes: OldNavy.

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