Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Layering Polos

Today I tried to layer polos. In the first picture it looked so cool and warm. I have been waiting for a cooler day to try this. So, on this cool day I put on 3 collared shirts and my collar bib. I felt so thick with all the layers, but I was surely warm and could change up the layers if I got too warm.

I don't think I'll try this again because I felt really dense. Plus I don't have enough collared shirts to mix up the look. But, it's real simple to try. Just be weary of making sure the colors match and are in a cohesive order.

Jean shirt: Wet Seal. Blue collared shirt: Thrifted Gingham collard shirt: Lady from church: White blousee: church giveaway. Grey levis: Green toe shoes: Marshalls

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