Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Sweaters

Urban Outfitters did a little blog entry with sweaters and I thought that the model, Rachel Stallings, was super cute. Most of the settings were with dead animals and so I selected the ones I liked that didn't have dead animals. The rest of the photographs by Natalie Neal can be found here.

I love the dramatic hair and the simple but also dramatic make up; minimal face makeup and red lips. That's what I did today except it was sort of on accident because I gave myself 20 minutes to shower and get all fancied up. I ended up leaving with red lipstick and wet hair.. :D

The lovely cigarette pants with a belted wrap sweater.

I love the simplicity of these brown trousers with
a knit grey sweater tucked in.

Loose sweater with a pencil skirt.
I like this one a bit better but ...
actually I have no idea why I don't switch it out... lazy.

Again the loose sweater and tight skirt.

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