Thursday, November 25, 2010

Blizzard Pizzaz

It is cold and I hate it. It is freezing and miserable. I get to wear my scarves, hats, and dresses with leggings, but it isn't enough. I am still chilled. I get to layer up and forget about seeing waistline, but it's not warm enough to make me happy. :P blah. Embrace it. People n the future will look back at our generation and be so jealous. As victims of our habits, global warming will be in full encompassing and there will never be a cool day.

Okay, I like the cold a smudge better.

Sweater: Renewed Expressions. Jean collared blouse: Church giveaway. Bowtie tie: Church giveaway. Printed dress: Church Giveaway. Tights: online. Slouch boots: Kohl's.

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