Monday, November 29, 2010

Vancouver WA

Sorry that these are terribly late. I forgot to put up pictures, but they are here now. This is an example of how I dress at these cross country trips: jeans and jacket. Except on the way back I usually pull out some funky, comfy-wear. This time I wore a grey bubble skirt with my striped grey and black tights.
This is the coolest thing alive. Except I suppose it's not alive.
Well there is water coming out of the light post and it rained down slopping
over all this junk and ... it was really cool.

Military Men mural and Me
(person #2 on the right side is jammin' to Spoon)

We tried a model shot: we slightly failed.
(This is my awso-fanto friend)

Goofy photo with some country dude whom I cannot name,
for I do not really care. I'm pretty sure he's really cool though.

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